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SW Florida Eagle Cam 

Harriet laid 1st egg 11-22-16 and the 2nd egg 11-25-16! A month earlier than 2015!

E9 hatched 12-31-16




Berry College, GA 

Mom laid 1st egg 1-3-17 and the 2nd egg 1-7-17!

2-9-17 Pip!





Decorah Eagles, IA





Mr. President & The First Lady, Washington DC


Egg #1 2/10/16,   Egg #2 2/14/16

DC2 hatched 3/18/16,  DC3 hatched 3/20/16


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CLICK: Hummingbird Migration Map to refresh for the 2017 map

 Spring Ruby-throated Hummingbird First Bird Reports

 - Live cams of Eagles, Osprey, Snowy Owls, Puffins, Bears, Bison, Fish and sooo much more!


CT Fish Migration:

2016: (started 2 weeks earlier than 2015)

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 3/15/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 3/23/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 3/29/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 4/26/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 5/24/16 

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 5/31/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 6/07/16

Weekly Diadromous Fish Report 6/14/16



OSPREY Tracking website: HERE 


Essex Land Trust Osprey Cam: 11_ospreycam.html


All About Selden Island:

Cams we love to watch :)


Peregine Falcons in Hartford


Pale Male:

NYC Red Tailed Hawk, beautiful still photographs and video clips


Woodie Cam:

Punky the Hooded Merganser started laying eggs on 1-6-16 as of 1-29-16 she has 17 (including a couple from an intruder)


Wind in the United States:

 Cool map showing current wind spped!






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