Connecticut River Expeditions (CRE) is family owned and operated by Captain Mark and Mindy Yuknat. Since 2002 they have been providing the general public access to the lower Connecticut River, educating passengers on the ecology and beauty of the lower Connecticut River while they cruise aboard CRE's vessel, RiverQuest.

Mark and Mindy, the owners of RiverQuest, were both raised in Old Lyme. They have been cruising on the lower Connecticut River and Long Island Sound in various vessels since childhood and are very knowledgeable on the history, ecology and local wildlife that abound on the lower Connecticut River.


 mark Captain:

Captain Mark has many millions of years of experience as a Captain on the lower Connecticut River and has a 100 Ton Masters License issued by the United States Coast Guard. He knows every nook and cranny of the lower Connecticut River. He has a keen eye for finding and spotting wildlife and other interesting things on the river. Year in and year out Mark has witnessed the wildlife population on the river as it changes with the seasons.

Photo by Jim Murtagh




Mindy is the normal weekend and evening crew. She has a 100 Ton Masters License issued by the United States Coast Guard and is a certified Naturalist with the CT DEEP. Known for her gift of gab and love of nature, Mindy always makes sure that all passengers are comfortable, happy and do not miss a thing!






Cathy does a little bit of everything here at RiverQuest and she loves when she has the opportunity to be crew on cruises!  Cathy enjoys the outdoors and watching the river wildlife and is a certified Naturalist with the CT DEEP.  Cathy was named "Person of the Week" in our local paper: Read More



Come aboard for a relaxing cruise, view, learn and chat with us!


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Our Mission Statement is:

To enhance the public’s exposure to and understanding of the unique environment of the Connecticut RiverValley and the lower Connecticut River through on-the-water education and adventure experiences.

Phone: 860-662-0577

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